Work with me

Hi, I’m Julie Sykes, founder of The Gap Year Edit and mildly adventurous traveller. This page is aimed at businesses and destinations that may be interested in working with me.

What The Gap Year Edit is all about

I aim to focus on my readers’ aspirations for experiencing something different than a two-week package holiday/vacation – whether that’s to travel independently, volunteer, learn new skills, or have once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

My aim is to hear my readers say, “I’m so glad I did it”,
instead of, “I wish I could, BUT … ”

My audience

The Gap Year Edit is read primarily by 25-54 year olds from Europe and the US with an interest in independent and mildly adventurous travels. They may be planning anything from an independent or alternative weekend away, a two-week or longer holiday (eg during the summer break for teachers) or even a full gap year. Some travel solo, others with a friend or as part of a couple.

As well as this website, The Gap Year Edit has an active and growing social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Contact me to find out more.

My travel credentials

  • visiting my sponsored child, Cambodia

    visiting my sponsored child, Cambodia

    I’ve travelled independently to more than 40 countries across 6 continents.

  • I sponsor a child in Bolivia through World Vision. Visiting my previous sponsored child in Cambodia in November 2012 was one of my most humbling travel experiences
  • I’m an occasional speaker of conversational Spanish, rusty German and rustier Italian

My interests

architecture, castles and ruins, modern art, local crafts, clothing, textiles and artisans (my degree is this field), sustainability, spirituality, local food and drinks, wine and coffee, hiking (day and multi-day hikes), wandering (sometimes getting lost), the great outdoors, wildlife, yoga, fitness, volunteering, reading, photography, flashpacking, public transport and independent travel.

Services I offer

I partner with and provide opinion on products, brands, services, destinations, websites and various other topics which are likely to be of interest to my readers.

I can help with:

  • Creating paid-for and sponsored relevant content for this blog, or your own channel(s)
  • Hosting paid-for and sponsored relevant content
  • Creating paid-for or otherwise compensated content about a relevant product or service
  • Non-commercial relevant guest posts

Content creation could include writing, photography or social media. I clearly identify such content as being paid or sponsored; and who has provided support. You can see my full disclosure policy here.

Contact me to find out more.

I’m not able to help with:

  • Free content
  • Undisclosed paid-for / compensated content or do-follow links to content promoting commercial sites or products
  • Content not likely to be relevant to my readers (eg family package holidays, gambling).
  • Content that might present a conflict of interest, or which does not meet the standards of the General Data Protection Regulations or comply with my Privacy & Cookies policy.

Independently of this blog, I can also offer marketing and communications consultancy services through my business RedYellow Marketing.