How to visit Cacheuta hot springs from Mendoza

Thermal waters + relaxation + mountain backdrop = a recipe for bliss. Here’s how to visit Cacheuta hot springs from Mendoza and what to expect when you get there.

There are hot springs near Mendoza – who knew?

That was my thought when flicking through my trusty Lonely Planet guidebook. The hot springs at Cacheuta are around 30km from Mendoza – perfect for a day trip or an overnight jaunt.

What’s at the Cacheuta hot springs?

The hot springs are located on two different sites 1km apart, the Parque de Agua and the Hotel & Spa Termas Cacheuta. Here’s me getting muddy at the Hotel & Spa Termas Cacheuta.


How to visit the Cacheuta hot springs

Option 1 – a day visit to the Parque de Agua, Cacheuta

A public complex, you pay for the day for access to all the hot springs, pools and lazy river. Everything else, such as food, is extra. It’s popular at the weekends with families from Mendoza, so if you’re after peace and quiet, come during the week.


Mon-Fri: AR$ 275.00 / approx. £14 per person
Sat, Sun & holidays: AR$ 295.00 / approx. £15 per person

Option 2 – a day package to the Hotel & Spa Termas Cacheuta

The Hotel & Spa Termas Cacheuta is open to the public for pre-booked day packages. There are hot spring pools, a natural cave steam room (yup!), thermal mud, a large pseudo-infinity-style pool and relaxing gardens to enjoy.

outdoors pools at the Termas de Cacheuta hot springs

Outdoor pools. Sun. Mountains. Sigh.

The day package includes a rather fine lunch (carvery, salads, veggies and more; excluding drinks). You can book the day package in Mendoza (hotels/travel agents or directly with them). The package includes a bus shuttle transfer from your central Mendoza accommodation at 8.30-9am.

Price: AR$ 865.00 / approx. £45 per person (may vary slightly by tour company)

Option 3 – a 24-hour spa package at the Hotel & Spa Termas Cacheuta

As well as the yum-fest lunch, the 24-hour package at the Hotel & Spa Termas Cacheuta includes an en-suite room, a 30-minute massage, 3-course dinner, breakfast, and a pre-dinner aperitif of wine and nibbles. Other drinks are excluded. You check in before lunch (they’re pretty flexible about arrival/departure times if needed).

We opted for this 24-hour spa package. Hell, it was our honeymoon, so we treated ourselves.

You can reserve your stay at the Hotel & Spa Thermas Cacheuta through The price was approx £175 for two. You’ll need to take a wad of cash, or pay or in advance by Visa (a bit of a faff as you need to fill out a form) – the Hotel doesn’t take credit cards on their premises. By booking through the link here I get a small commission and a big smile on my face, and there’s no extra cost to you. Thank you 🙂
honeymoon at the Hotel & Spa Termas de Cacheuta hot springs

honeymoon hot spring bliss

Although not cheap, we felt it was VERY good value. The spa complex itself is gorgeous, there are fluffy robes on demand, and the lunch buffet in particular is not to be missed. You also get a choice of three or four dishes for each of the dinner courses – someone will come and find you in the afternoon to run through the options with you. Some staff speak English.

Inflation in Argentina runs around 25-40%. Quoted prices and the Argentinian Peso/GBP exchange rates are based on Spring 2017, but could change at any moment 🙂

How to get to Cacheuta hot springs by bus

Public buses to the Cachueta hot springs (both the Parque de Agua and the Hotel & Spa Termas de Cacheuta) run every couple of hours from the Mendoza bus terminal with the functional-if-not-fancy Buttini buses. Go to their vending office by stand 56 to buy your tickets and check out timetables before departure. Buses themselves depart from stands 47-49.

The Hotel & Spa Termas Cacheuta is about 1km before the Parque de Agua. Don’t make the same mistake we did by missing your bus stop and having to walk a kilometer back in searing heat with your luggage 😉

We used the Lonely Planet Guide to Argentina for our trip. Help the site by buying the guide through this link, at no extra cost to you.

We adored our honeymoon treat at the Cacheuta hot springs. It was even better for not having previously known it existed! Which hot springs would you recommend?

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3 Responses to How to visit Cacheuta hot springs from Mendoza

  1. Rhonda Albom 1 October 2017 at 10:31 am #

    It sounds a bit like Sonoma; wine and hot tubs (although I like the thermal pool concept better than a spa tub). I was thinking about adding Mendoza to my up coming itinerary. Cacheuta adds another reason to go.

    • Julie 1 October 2017 at 3:11 pm #

      Hi Rhonda – the thermal pools are fabulous, and the setting just makes it even more special. Mendoza itself is very green, with a good food scene and of course the wineries and the backdrop of the Andes on the doorstep. Bliss 🙂 Have fun trip-planning! Happy travels, Julie

  2. Amit M 6 May 2017 at 3:06 pm #

    Very informative, can’t wait to go next week! Thanks much 🙂

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