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plan my gap year budget - gear

The A to Z of gap year planning, Part 1: A to H

“How do I even start to plan my gap year?” “What about a gap year budget?” You aren’t alone in asking these questions – there can seem like zillions of things to think about when planning a gap year. Do I want to travel, volunteer, learning a new language? How can I save up? What about my […]

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no shoe shopping on my career break

Flexibility, learning, creativity – my career break one month in

It’s now one month since my last day in corporate world – a day on which my erstwhile work laptop unceremoniously, and perhaps significantly, gave up the ghost at 5pm. I’m using this mini milestone as a chance to reflect on everything this past month has thrown at me – what’s been wonderful, what’s been […]

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career break aims and objectives

Setting aims and objectives for your career break

When I was planning my career break, a friend of mine suggested I write down everything I wanted to achieve during my time away from the 9-5 (or 6, 9, 11) routine. Brilliant idea and one I’d really recommend – it really helped me capture everything that was swirling around in my head. So, here’s […]

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volunteering from home with Marie Curie

The advantages of volunteering from home

If you’re considering volunteer work on your career break, there are some definite pluses for keeping it close to home. You may be sacrificing the experience of an exotic destination; but being home-based comes with its own set of advantages. Here I explore some of them, plus my own experiences volunteering from home in the UK. […]

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saying goodbye to the corporate world with lovely fizz

Saying goodbye to the corporate world

This is the day my new life starts as I say goodbye to the corporate world. It’s my last week as an official bona-fide corporate employee – yay!! Here’s what I’ll remember from my last few weeks in the office: Email deletion. It should be a new therapy. New expenses form – delete. Important new appointment […]

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how to flight hack

How to flight hack five international flights for less than £500 ($850)

Flight hacking for amateurs alert! Read on to find out how I used assorted loyalty programmes to flight hack: A flight from the UK to Budapest for £50 ($85) A flight from Athens to the UK for £70 ($120) A return flight from the UK to Miami for £250 ($425) A flight from Fort Lauderdale […]

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When I quit my job

Nerves. Not so bad that I’m shaking, but bad enough that my stomach is doing somersaults and debating if it wants to revisit my breakfast. Why? Today I’m going to quit my job of five years. My job with a company I like. And people I like working with. Why indeed? To pursue my dreams. To finally […]

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