Returning home to the UK: reflections

returning home to the UK

“Here’s to journeys near and far, short and long; to the people we meet on the way, and to those we come home to.” I can’t believe it. My month-long trip from Budapest to Athens is at an end. It’s been awesome. From the hospitality in Albania, to the Greeks who kept trying to overfeed […]

Budapest city break costs – eats and experiences in Hungary’s capital

Budapest city break costs

What is there to do in the Hungarian capital? And how much should you budget? Here I give a breakdown of Budapest city break costs from my five-night “flashpacker style” stay; where I went, what I did, and whether I’d do it again. All prices are based on an exchange rate of 398.99 / 311.82 […]

Budapest – what was life behind the Iron Curtain like?

life behind the Iron Curtain

Whilst the history of post-war Communism is likely to show up in a classroom textbook or a museum; I wanted to know what life behind the Iron Curtain was like in my lifetime. Budapest’s museums and tours help me tell the story of Csilla, my Hungarian alter-ego. Here’s her story. 1987 – behind the Iron Curtain My […]