Saying goodbye to the corporate world

This is the day my new life starts as I say goodbye to the corporate world. It’s my last week as an official bona-fide corporate employee – yay!!

Here’s what I’ll remember from my last few weeks in the office:

  • Email deletion. It should be a new therapy. New expenses form – delete. Important new appointment of Head of Paperclips in a country far away – delete. Raffle prize in the canteen – delete, delete, delete. Sigh.
  • The unexpected responses from unexpected people to my obviously witty leaving email. Humbling.
  • The wonderful support from my team, their cards and words of thanks, and the lovely flowers and gifts they bought for me.
  • The MD saying to me, “we’re just all gonna miss you.” He’s not fluffy. I nearly blubbed. Fortunately his phone rang to save us both the embarrassment.
  • The glass of champagne that was waiting for me in the pub after my last day. Lovely fizz ☺

I didn’t feel sad, I didn’t feel regret. I did feel happy. And content that in saying goodbye to the corporate world (for now, at least) I’d made the right choice.

goodbye to the corporate world - note from my mum and dadThe most moving of all, though? The well-wishing card I received from my mum and dad. My parents haven’t always understood my choices in life, so to me this was the icing on the cake.

Here’s to family, friends and colleagues everywhere … cheers.


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