How your best memories can shape your future

It’s amazing what sticks in your memory.

Whether it’s the childlike wonder brought on by a snowball fight, the sense of freedom from a wide vista in a new land, the giggles and stories shared with friends over wine, the kindness of strangers on the road, a sense of accomplishment from running a mile or completing a work project, or the feeling of awe at the sight of an ancient monument or renowned painting; your best memories stick when they’re about how something – or someone – made you feel.

How your best memories can help shape your future

Reflecting on what’s stuck in your mind is a powerful tool. It can help you see instantly what is important to you, and confirm what your priorities for the future should be.

My best memories illustrate that – much as I love travel – having a home base is something I value immensely. And they’re a sage reminder that my sense of pride isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

My best memories of 2014

My enduring memories of 2014 haven’t been about the big travel sights I’ve seen. Instead, they’re about the people I’ve met, and the little wonders around me – whether at home or on my travels.

  • Feeling full-on Yorkshire pride by volunteering with Marie Curie for the UK Grand Depart of the Tour de France.
  • Feeling happy (and a little bit tipsy) when rolling into Zagreb, Croatia, on the train from Budapest, after being befriended by an Indian family who plied me with sangria and spicy chick-peas.
  • Feeling a sense of pride when one of my team (before I left my corporate job) told me she was going to pursue her dreams too. I was so happy for her.
  • Feeling a sense of freedom at the eye-widening vista from my lunchtime picnic spot high in the hills of Gran Canaria, as the December sun washed over me.
  • Feeling a sense of achievement when my website went live. And feeling very relieved I would be swearing at my computer a lot less. Hurrah!
  • Feeling cheeky and alive, after locking eyes – in the way the do when you know there’s a spark of mutual attraction – with Croatia’s answer to Casanova. And feeling pleased I left it at that.
  • Feeling joy for my friend when she told me she was in love.
  • Feeling like dancing, when I got my first comment on my blog from someone I didn’t know.
  • Feeling childlike whilst playing on a rope-swing in the North York Moors National Park.
  • Feeling inspired by Judy in Bologna, who prompted me to commit to paper what I wanted to achieve in the future.
  • Feeling welcomed with open arms by a former work colleague I barely knew in Zagreb, as we shared wine and regaled funny stories together.
  • Feeling loved, as my mum plied me with a large helping of Christmas pudding and her famed home-made rum sauce.

For the feelings the sights and sounds of a new place evoke; and for the perspective and open-mindedness travel brings to life at home.

For the joyous highs, minor triumphs, and sometimes tearful pain that only those close to you can share: friends, family, colleagues.

I cherish them all.

Have you ever reflected on your best memories? What moments stick in your mind from 2014? Share your experiences below.


5 Responses to How your best memories can shape your future

  1. Sue 17 September 2015 at 9:25 pm #

    Just seen this and love it 🙂

    • Julie 17 September 2015 at 9:39 pm #

      Thanks Sue! It was a lot of fun to write too … I need to start scribbling my musings for 2015 🙂

  2. frangonarda 2 January 2015 at 8:19 pm #

    What a beautiful post! I agree with you, memories are very important to us. And it’s so good, when you have someone to share them 🙂

    Salty wishes from OCEAN’S DESIRE

  3. Laura 30 December 2014 at 1:27 pm #

    I definitely think reflecting on the year can only over be a good thing (and why not with memories like yours!) and that’s what matters me me. Yes, I’ll make resolutions and yes I’ll break them. But living life day by day is how you end up with memories like these. Love it!

    • Julie 30 December 2014 at 2:54 pm #

      Thanks Laura 🙂 Here’s to creating a load more fab memories in 2015!

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