25 (more) experiences I’m going to have before I die … updated!

Outside York Minster in a tuk tuk!

Three years after first committing this list of my 25 must-do experiences to my hard drive, here’s my light-hearted look at what’s been accomplished, what’s still “on the list”, and what’s been ditched … Why I put my 25 experiences list in writing When I was in Bologna, I met Judy. Judy introduced me to […]

Over San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge to Muir Woods National Monument

Redwood trees at Muir Woods - Hipmunk

San Francisco is a city that invites you to look up. In a city known for its impossibly steep streets, an iconic bridge, and photogenic cable cars, the opportunities for skywards gazing are endless. Only a few miles away from this metropolitan melting pot, casting your eyes aloft puts you in a wholly different and […]

How to visit The Everglades on a flashpacker budget

How to visit The Everglades on a flashpacker budget

Grassy expanses on a horizon to clear blue nothing, amphibious reptiles lying languidly in the heat of the mid-day sun, birds gliding lazily on a tree-to-tree mission, mangrove forests lapped by the shores of a turquoise blue ocean. All this and more can be found in The Everglades, Florida. This isn’t a cheap part of the world […]

Beyond the vintage cars: what to expect in Cuba

what to expect in Cuba - Havana street

Whether you’re a US citizen chomping at the bit for the potential chance to visit this “forbidden” country, or merely interested in what makes this Caribbean island so different; here’s the lowdown on what to expect in Cuba. “You only get one chance at life. Whatever you choose to do, don’t be afraid,” the former Cuban revolutionary […]

Where to spend a month in the Australian Outback

Uluru, Ayers Rock - a month in the Australian Outback

This suggested itinerary for a month in the Australian Outback takes in all the major sites, starting from Alice Springs in the “Red Centre”, up to Darwin at the top of the Northern Territory, and ending in Broome in Western Australia. If you love the great outdoors, are partial to a road trip and a spot of warm weather, then […]