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Hints and tips to help you plan your career break or grown up gap year – from The Gap Year Edit

staying in touch when travelling

Staying in touch when travelling

We’ve all got friends and family who are obsessed with how you’ll be staying in touch when travelling. Contributor Sarah Pike shares some useful tips. You’re finally bringing your fantasy of an extended holiday/vacation to fruition. In the midst of all the packing (go practical, go light, and most of all, go comfy) and planning, you’re […]

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hand luggage only for one week trip

How to pack hand luggage only for a one-week trip: the carry-on challenge

Here I help you avoid expensive baggage fees by sharing some tips and a hand luggage only packing list for a one-week trip in varying climates. Hand luggage only packing tips Find clothes and accessories that mix and match. If a T-shirt only goes with one pair of trousers, it’s a no-no Multipurpose “dress up, […]

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AirBnB as a solo traveller

Airbnb for solo travel – challenging my homestay perceptions, one stay at a time

I’d been skeptical of anything resembling a homestay.Private rooms in hostels, small B&Bs and guest houses have historically been the mainstay of my accommodation choices. Could Airbnb − where locals rent out spare room(s) or a whole property – ever ­become a new solo travel accommodation option for me? My previous perception of homestays Visions of sitting around […]

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when you're 80, which will you remember

The A to Z of gap year planning. Part 4: U to Z

“I’ve got zillions of gap year ideas – how do I narrow them down?” Visas, work, and what to do with all those gap year ideas – we’ve got it covered in this, the fourth post on gap year planning. If you missed the earlier posts in the series, you can find them right here – […]

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The right time quote - T is for Time

The A to Z of gap year planning, Part 3: R to T

“Agh! Planning my gap year is so overwhelming!” “I don’t know where to start!” Help is at hand. In this third of four posts on gap year planning, I share hints and tips on gap year research, saving up, and perfect timing. For more on gap year planning, check out the rest of the series: Part […]

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plan my gap year experiences: balloon flight

The A to Z of gap year planning, Part 2: I to Q

“How do I plan my gap year?” “Do I even want to have all those stereotypical gap year experiences? I’m 35, for heavens sake!” How do you decide what to focus on in your gap year? In the second of four posts on gap year planning, I share tips and advice on your job, your loved ones(s), your mortgage […]

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plan my gap year budget - gear

The A to Z of gap year planning, Part 1: A to H

“How do I even start to plan my gap year?” “What about a gap year budget?” You aren’t alone in asking these questions – there can seem like zillions of things to think about when planning a gap year. Do I want to travel, volunteer, learning a new language? How can I save up? What about my […]

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