Is Spanish language school worth it?

outdoor classes at La Mariposa Spanish language school Nicaragua

To try and communicate better with local people when travelling, I enrolled in two weeks of Spanish language school in Nicaragua. Was it worth the effort? Seven years after first mastering enough Spanish to be able to order food, work out which bus I needed to be on, and make small talk about how cold it was in my […]

What to expect on a yoga retreat

what to expect on a yoga retreat

Ooh, it’s a while since I’ve used those hamstring muscles. That’s my initial thought, just five minutes into the first class of a weekend yoga retreat in Devon, UK. Whether it’s for a holiday or as part of a career break, here are my tips on what to expect on a yoga retreat. The format Typically […]

Top 3 tips for language learning, without going to class

career break aims and objectives - tips for learning a new language

How do you go about learning a new language, when you have the kind of job that doesn’t allow you to get to night school every Tuesday at 6pm? That’s the question I asked myself when preparing for my first ever career break trip to South America. Here I share my top three tips for language learning: how I’ve gathered […]