My scariest and scary-ish travel experiences

scary travel experiences - crossing the road in Hanoi, Vietnam - motorbikes

A multitude of motorbikes, a cacophany of canines, a terrifying taxi. Here’s a look back at some of my scariest and scary-ish travel experiences. Crossing the road, Hanoi, Vietnam, 2010 “I’m going to be squished by a multitude of motorbikes!” Who knew that crossing a road could be such a scary travel experience? In Hanoi, […]

Hopes and fears for long-term travel: Miami, Nicaragua and Colombia

Hopes and fears for long-term travel: Miami, Nicaragua and Colombia

“I must be more nervous about this trip than I thought.” That’s what’s going through my mind at 3am this morning. I’m wide awake, random thoughts churning through my head. I only do this when I’m worried about something. Normally me and sleep are very happy bedtime buddies. Tomorrow I travel to Miami, the start […]

How not to catch a bus from Albania to Greece

how not to get a bus from Albania to Greece

Getting the bus from Gjirokastra, Albania, to Kalambaka, Greece, the town nearest the dazzling rock formations of Meteora, was an adventure in itself. As we wound down around picturesque mountain bends from the town of Ioannina towards Kalambaka at the end of my long journey by bus from Albania to Greece, I held back my neighbour Kara’s […]

Returning home to the UK: reflections

returning home to the UK

“Here’s to journeys near and far, short and long; to the people we meet on the way, and to those we come home to.” I can’t believe it. My month-long trip from Budapest to Athens is at an end. It’s been awesome. From the hospitality in Albania, to the Greeks who kept trying to overfeed […]

How Bologna gave me the courage to act on my gut feel – pronto!

about me Julie Sykes

I’d only been in red-bricked Bologna a few hours when I had the feeling my original calling here could be a spurious one. Over the “oohs” and “ahs” of the flavoursome discoveries of the famed ragu, I’d spent my first evening there talking with Judy, an inspirational Canadian lady who’s been travelling Europe since May. Judy, with […]

Looking back: Networking, volunteering and finding Mr Right

networking at Blogstock

Looking back. I don’t know about you, but it’s not something I’m very good at. I don’t really want to dwell on a broken relationship, or a gossipy work colleague. But looking back is a brilliant way to help you realise just how far you’ve come. A few months ago, I wrote down what I […]