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A career break is an ideal time to learn new skills or enhance existing ones; either for pleasure, to showcase to your employer, or both. Here I share ideas from those who’ve, “been there, tried that.”

is Spanish language school worth it?

Is Spanish language school worth it?

Seven years after first mastering enough Spanish to be able to order food, work out which bus I needed to be on, and make small talk about how cold it was in my country, I felt the time had come to step it up a gear. Why? Because I wanted to be able to communicate […]

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what to expect on a yoga retreat

What to expect on a yoga retreat

Ooh, it’s a while since I’ve used those hamstring muscles. That’s my initial thought, just five minutes into the first class of a weekend yoga retreat in Devon, UK. Whether it’s for a holiday or as part of a career break, here are my tips on what to expect on a yoga retreat. The format Typically […]

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